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Vermeulen is a self-taught painter influenced by his heart, his soul and his life.

His dream is to search for beauty of the multi-colored life and the joy of living are his primary motivations. He says the work is a softener for the moral of man, and the imagery of beautiful colors influence the psychological state of being and may serve, in some cases, as a healing of the human soul.

Vermeulen's goal is to offer works that are filled with beauty; awakening the imagination of the child per se that is found in all of us. Pure positive energy emanates from each of Vermeulen's work, giving viewers the chance to absorb it for the betterment of their own souls. Vermeulen says that the brain has an incredible capacity that is limited only by ourselves... Vermeulen's themes are sometimes lyrical.

How to contact him

If you wish to contact Michel Vermeulen click here. If you wish to buy a canvas click here.

About Vermeulen

His body of works stands out with a completely new style reminiscent ... Read more

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Vermeulen style is explosive mixture of color, shape and movement all at once! Gallery