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About Michel Vermeulen Great Master Painter

In 1961, Michel Vermeulen was born in the district southwest of Montreal in Quebec.

He began his artistic career in 1978 as a young student.

His body of works stands out with a completely new style reminiscent of some known post-modern styles and confronted with a dazzling palette of joyful colors. Here, the focal point for Vermeulen is to create happiness, dreams, imagination, and especially the feast which as he describes "that explodes."

Michel VermeulenVermeulen is a self-taught painter influenced by his heart, his soul and his life. He paints the movement of life. His dream is to search for beauty of the multi-colored life and the joy of living are his primary motivations. He says the work is a softener for the moral of man, and the imagery of beautiful colors influence the psychological state of being and may serve, in some cases, as a healing of the human soul. Vermeulen's goal is to offer works that are filled with beauty; awakening the imagination of the child per se that is found in all of us. Pure positive energy emanates from each of Vermeulen's work, giving viewers the chance to absorb it for the betterment of their own souls. Vermeulen says that the brain has an incredible capacity that is limited only by ourselves... Vermeulen's themes are sometimes lyrical.

The abstract to awaken the imagination of the child in us or the erotic awakening of sensuality and love that we all need, because he believes that the image is often the trigger of it all. In this sense, Vermeulen conceals multiple images into a single genre by incorporating a three-dimensional shape of its own. Also, his unique artistic signature like a multiple image hologram is also what makes him, according to many art lovers, the greatest contemporary painter at the moment. Over the years, several experts have tried to match Vermeulen to one or more masters of the past with the style or themes that he uses, but nothing really comes close; because he brings out a whole new dimension to the canvas and redefines itself to new limits that is unknown, so far. He is, in fact, a pioneer in his approach to psychological and technical, as well as the influence of visual energy source. Besides, his mentor and friend Jean-Paul Riopelle stated, "When you're dealing with a Vermeulen canvas, one can feel the source of the energy flow as if he had transfered it onto the canvas, so that it stays intact when we return home later on. The fact that you can feel is simply amazing and inexplicable..."

Michel VermeulenVermeulen is now the official ambassador and representitive of Canada's biggest worldwide visual arts competitions of master painters. He has over 35 years expertise and an impressive number of over 125 regional and national awards. Further more, he has a record of three major international awards, including Jackson Pollock prize in the U.S. (2001), the Pablo Oro prize in Spain (2002) and the grand prize for the Olympic logo in Athens, Greece (2004). He is currently the most decorated contemporary painter in the world, as well as part of the very selective group of the top 100 artists in the world. Many experts consider and classify Vermeulen as the worlds number one and also the greatest painter of his era. His artistic quotation can be seen on the famous art experts DROUOT in Paris and The artist dictionary edited by Larousse, also on the biggest art museum in the world. Vermeulen, man and painter, says his mission on earth: healing the soul passes with a smile, so smile for life!


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About Vermeulen

His body of works stands out with a completely new style reminiscent ... Read more

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