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Here is the third theme of the works of Michel Vermeulen, one of eroticism and sensuality.

Sometimes taboo related subjects are very difficult to work with among visual artists. The margin is often a fine line between beauty and pure erotic sexual decadence without spiritual foundation. In this sense, it brings a whole new dimension of beauty. Pure love, the female bodies are his main source of motivation. After the themes of music and the abstract multicolored, Vermeulen tackles the subject of eroticism.

Vermeulen looks for the beauty of the eroticism purely through his emotions, which can pose as a challenge for every great artist. Vermeulen believes that he has successfully depicts eroticism with his exuberant imagination and immense talent of a great artist. The most striking example is definitely a work titled "My Ghost of Love," where we see a woman masturbating while thinking of her lover who sadly died from a serious illness. The woman imagines her husband as a heavenly soul who is returning in her dream fantasy to make love every night just like before. Here, the therapy of sexual fantasy just mitigates the profound grief and the mourning of her loss, and slowly heals them to continue to live their lives. Vermeulen believes that the cure of several ailments may diminish imagination through art. Also, he often integrates true stories that he heard over the years into some of his works.

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In each of his creations, Vermeulen attempts to spread all of his knowledge and guts onto the canvas without sparing any effort. No matter what the theme or technique was used to provoke our emotions. His artistic approach can make us cry or make us laugh, but it will never leave us the feeling of indifference. That is why Vermeulen is now placed at the top of the great contemporary masters of our time.

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