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Tuesday, 10 May 2011 12:45

par Michel Vermeulen
12 Juin 2004

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Recognized around the world with his famous pianos, pears and candles, the Canadian and Quebec artist painter Michel Vermeulen is the official representative of Quebec and Canada's visual art in the most prestigious international competitions events. He is the winner of several international first prizes awards such as Pablo d'Oro in Spain, Jackson Pollock in the United States and the emblem of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004.

As part of the Festival Rhythms of the World, Vermeulen reveals a unique and almost magical "Tribute to Jean-Paul Riopelle." It is a wonderful opportunity to declare this tribute to his mentor, his teacher, his childhood idol to the public. Vermeulen repeat that Riopelle was and is undoubtedly the greatest Canadian painter of the art history in Canada.

"Homage to Jean-Paul Riopelle" consists of six paintings (mixed media), numbered 1 to 6, summarizing the career of the great master majestic Canadian Riopelle. Vermeulen takes up several themes of his mentor and controls as the owl, the snow goose and a small nod to the masterpiece "Tribute to Rosa Luxembourg" that Vermeulen was actively involved as an assistant to Riopelle and presented in the manner of Riopelle, of course, the claw and the blade are typically Vermeulen and what about pears and candles that have become almost a trademark for him over the years.

Dimensions of the artwork:
72" pc X 168" pc (Irrégulier)
183 cm X 427 cm (Irrégulier)

soldedit                                                                                Value: 2,500,000.00$

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